Monday 2 January – Tuesday 24 January 2023

Summer School Holidays

Sick at Sea with Dr John Harrison

Be prepared to be shocked, surprised and have lots of fun as Flagstaff Hill's very own Apothecary Dr John Harrison takes you on an informative and entertaining journey of sickness.
You will hear all about why a poor diet, lack of hygiene and exposure to disease made passengers so unwell or die unwell during their journey to Australia by ship.
What he has to tell you will make wonder how any of the passengers managed to make it through their journey alive!
Thursdays & Sundays 1pm & 2:30pm
Wharf Theatre

Reading, ‘Riting, ‘Rithmatic

Be on your best behaviour as the School Ma’am shows you how to behave in the 1870’s Common School. Dress in period costume, role play & use slate boards. Don’t misbehave or the School Ma’am might have to get her cane out & you don’t want that!
Saturday the 14th & 21st January 11am – 2pm
Common School

Garrison Dress Ups

Dress up in military costume to become a Warrnambool Garrison Artillery Soldier. Button up your coat, tip your pill box hat, select your rifle* and hear all about the origins of the Flagstaff Hill Garrison precinct from Bombardier Leigh. Enjoy a demonstration of the correct way to hold and move your rifle from the Order to the Shoulder, then the Slope positions and pose for photos with Bombardier Leigh and his helpers in the Warrnambool Garrison.
(Own camera/phone required)
*wooden replica
Mondays 10:30 - 11am & 1:30 - 2:30pm
Garrison Guns

Collection Curiosities

Meet Justin, the Flagstaff Hill Collections Curator who has personally selected some historically significant objects from the collection for you to see and ponder.
You will soon realise that every object has a story to tell.
See if you can guess what each object is, where it came from, who used it and what for?
You will be amazed to hear what some of these items went through prior to becoming part of the Flagstaff Hill collection.
Saturday 7th & Wednesday 11th January at 2pm
Sailmakers Loft

Spinning Yarns with Jenny & John

Witness Flagstaff Hill's very own Spinner Jenny, transform a piece of raw woollen fleece straight off the sheep, into a thread of yarn with a traditional spinning wheel.
Jenny will be on the lookout for helpers to comb the wool before it is spun so be prepared to be put to work then take your piece of spun wool home with you.
As she pedals her wheel and twits the fibres John will tell a few 'yarns' about the various wools that are used for spinning.
Tuesdays 11am - 12:30pm and 1:30pm - 3pm
Mechanics Institute
See program for dates

Suffolk Puffs with Dressmaker Pat

Dressmakers in the 1800’s would never let any materials go to waste and they always found a way to repurpose the scraps of their dressmaking fabrics to make something else. Using simple sewing skills and circles of fabric, Pat will demonstrate how to make Suffolk Puffs. You can have a go at making some yourself and show you some ways in which they were sewn together to create a decorative mat or doll.
Tuesdays 11am – 2pm

Meet the Boat Builder

There are few people in Australia who have the extent of traditional boat building skills and knowledge as Flagstaff Hill’s very own Boat Builder Jeff. Meet Jeff at his latest project the Viator Boat. Hear all about the specialised materials and skills of the trade he has engaged to rebuild this vessel to date and be amazed as he demonstrates some of these skills to perfection. Content subject to weather conditions (some demonstrations cannot take place on total fire ban days).
Wednesday 4th & 18th January & Friday 13th January 11am - 2pm
Viator Boat

Printmaking with Kate & Greg

Design and create a your foam printing plate with Kate, then take it to the Examiners where our printer Greg will ink it up and use it to create an original print using the historical Albion Press.
As he rolls the ink, positions the plates and pulls the big leaver Greg will tell you all about the traditional role of the Examiners and what the various printing presses were originally used for.
At the end you will take home your very own print and printing plate as a memento of your experience.
Thursdays 11am - 2pm
Sailmakers Loft & Examiners office

Craft Activities

Let your imagination run wild as you learn to make your own crafty toys this summer. You will have loads of fun making Pop Stick Creatures. Use them as a bookmark or put them underneath your favourite indoor plant. Pet Rocks are so simple to make and even simpler to look after – these pets don’t need food and water! Using the initial of your name decorate a letter and display it in your room and Crazy Hair Pencils are both practical and fun. Keep your pencils hair nice and neat or make it go crazy with a quick twist between the palms of your hands.
See program for dates and times    

Cannon Firing

Come and enjoy the excitement of the firing of the 80 pound cannon with Flagstaff Hill’s very own Garrison Soldiers.
Beginning with a traditional military drill leading up to the much anticipated BANG of the cannon. we guarantee that this will be the highlight of your visit.  
Saturday the 7th and 14th January from 12:15pm
Garrison Guns


Traditional Games – Gather your friends and family and try your hand at some old fashioned fun. See who is the strongest in a game of Tug-of-War or test your concentration and coordination with an egg and spoon race or a game of quoits.  

Guided Heritage Tour - From Monday to Saturday at 11:30am you can join a guided heritage tour of the Flagstaff Hill Maritime Museum and Heritage Precinct. Hear all about the history of Flagstaff Hill and the impressive artefact collection, and discover the stories behind treasures like the $4 million Minton Peacock statue. Tours are suitable for all ages.

Stella Maris Tearooms - During the school holidays the Tearooms are open daily 10:30am – 3pm. Indulge in a Devonshire tea or enjoy a light lunch whilst taking in the views.

Mrs Kuck’s Confectionary Shop – With jars of old favourites lining the walls, discover a treasure trove of nostalgic sweet treats to delight everyone

Tales of the Shipwreck Coast - Nightly on dusk, Tales of the Shipwreck Coast takes you on a journey through the ages. Experience the ancient stories of the Gunditjmara People, the history of the local whaling industry, and the story of most notorious shipwreck on the Great Ocean Road, the wreck of the Loch Ard, all through light projections onto a nine-meter water wall.



By Day - Museum and Village Admission

Adults $19.00
Concession $15.00
Child $9.00
Family $49.50

By Night - Sound and Light Show Admission

Adults $31.00
Concession $28.00
Child $17.00
Family (2 adults and 2 Children) $79.00
Additional Child $12.00

Day and Night Package

30% off your Day Entry when you purchase Night Show.

Adults $44.30
Concession $38.50
Child $23.30
Family (2 adults and 2 Children) $113.65
Additional Child $12.00
Flagstaff Hill Maritime Museum and Village

Don’t just learn about maritime history – experience it 
in our Living Museum and Spectacular Sound and Light Shows

89 Merri Street Warrnambool
Pets, including dogs are NOT permitted on-site at Flagstaff Hill at any time. Assistance dogs permitted with supporting credentials.

Open daily: 10am – 5pm
New Year’s Eve – 10am – 4pm

Night show: Nightly on dusk
Closed 25th & 31st December
Limited availability, pre purchase online or phone

Ph: (03) 5559 4600