South West Regatta 2017

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The South West Regatta

The Australia Whale Boat Championships & The Victorian St Ayles Skiff Championships

March 4th & 5th March 2017



Information For Teams and Individuals

Our whaleboats are valuable pieces of equipment that need to be maintained by Flagstaff Hill maritime Village Boatbuilder Jeff McMurrich.

Safety of rowers is also a priority and there are a few rules that we all need to follow to protect people and boats.


It is a requirement for anyone to use our whaleboats to be registered and complete induction forms.


Each team will have a declared Captain. This Captain is responsible for the safety of their crew.


You are responsible to abide by the Australian Whaleboat Rowing Rules, as well as reporting to the committee any 'near misses' or 'incidents' so that we can all learn and prevent in the future.

If you havent been whaleboating before we can arrange to hook you up with a new team. Its fun and great way to get into rowing.

If you are interested in learning more please email us on or call on 5559 4612.



For information on how to register a team or get involved please email or call on 5559 4612.




What is Australian Whaleboat Racing?